Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for travelling time?

No. We do not charge for travelling time - only the time spent by the engineer working on-site is chargeable.

What happens if the engineer is unable to repair my computer?

In this case, our No Fix No Fee policy means that there will be no charge.

If the repair takes only forty minutes, will I have to pay for a full hour?

Our minimum charging period is one hour. If the repair is completed in less time than this, the engineer will offer to help with any other problems with your system. Following the initial hour, any additional time is charged to the nearest 5 minutes.

Do you repair laptops?

We carry out software related repairs to laptops, however, we do not repair laptop hardware failures. For laptop hardware failures, we recommend you to contact the manufacturer of your machine.

Do you repair printers?

We carry out software related repairs to printers - driver and/or installation problems, however, we do not repair printer hardware failures.

Do you repair monitors?

Unfortunately, we do not carry out repairs to monitors.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, cheque or bank transfer / BACS. We are unable to process debit / credit card transactions.

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